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Поломоечные машиныNilfisk BR 850

Поломоечная машина Nilfisk BR 850

  • EcoflexTM: green, flexible, nice and easy
  • Modular scrub deck system, with different scrub deck options and numerous brushes, offers productive cleaning for different floor conditions
  • Excellent traction for increased operator's safety
  • Fast floor drying thanks to a innovative squeegee concept that provides maximum pick up, reliably and with simple adjustment
  • Recovery tank inlet system with standard debris tray is cleaner and more efficient

The BR850S serie of ride-on scrubber/dryers have long been renowned and praised for their reliability and working performance.

The latest upgrades have now made this superb range of units even better.

All the existing features and benefits remain, to which new ones have been added. For example, drive and rear wheel traction has been improved, a new squeegee concept has been introduced for faster and better floor drying, there is a new recovery tank inlet system, a brand new robust foot pedal concept has been added, and the Ecoflex system keeps the consumption control, but it also guarantees the possibility to boost temporarily water and detergent for more aggressive cleaning tasks. In other words, an even better machine at the same competitive price.

For large area commercial and industrial floor cleaning applications, there is simply no better choice.

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Бренд Nilfisk

Всё о производителе уборочной техники.

Характеристики BR 850 CS Ecofle x
Производительность (м²/ч)* 5500
Ширина скребка (мм) 810
Бак для раствора / грязной воды (л) 157 / 157
Напряжение (В) 36
Номинальная мощность (Вт) 2810
Уровень шума (дБ(А)) 68
Давление щетки (кг) 24 / 42 / 70
Скорость вращения щетки (об/мин) 900
Максимальный уровень подъема (%) 16
Максимальная скорость (км/ч) 6.7
Количество щёток / пэдов 2 цилиндрические
Д х Ш х В (см) 155 x 91 x 135
Вес (кг) 298
Рабочий вес (кг) 705