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Промышленные пылесосыNilfisk IVB 7-X

Промышленный пылесос
Nilfisk IVB 7-X

  • Safety vacuum cleaner for dustclass M or H
  • XtremeClean filter cleaning system. The XtremeClean technology blasts the dirt off the filter to keep the suction performance high
  • SoftStart. A gentle motor startup keeps the starting current low. For easy starting on limited electrical systems
  • Auto On/Off. In combination with powered tools the machine starts and stops automatically when you start or stop the power tool
  • Speed governor. To reduce suction performance and noise level and to prevent that the power tool sticks to the working surface
  • IVB 7, Tilt or LiftOut container

The IVB 5 and IVB 7 M/H is equipped with the XtremeClean system which clean your filter automatically while you work.

With IVB 7 you also get features like 70 l stainless steel container, robust steel frame and tilt or lift-off container emptying.

IVB 5 and IVB 7 M/H is the solution for the even more demanding customers with a higher frequency of cleaning. IVB 5/7 will solve all major tasks in your company - workshop, garage, production etc. Additionally this health & safety variant complies with all current requirements of the new European standard. The IVB 5/7 series is equipped with the XtremeClean system which allows automatic cleaning of the filter cartridge while vacuuming on full suction performance.

The XtremeClean technology blasts the dirt off the filter and the suction performance is always high. The M class version is equipped with washable M-Class PET Fleece filter element - Easy and economical maintenance.

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Бренд Nilfisk

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Характеристики IVB 7-X
Номинальная мощность (Вт) 1200
Поток воздуха (л/с) 56
Объем бака (л) 70
Максимальный вакуум (кПа – мбар) 25
Тип основного фильтра PET
Площадь главного фильтра (см²) 3000
Класс пыли M
Входное отверстие (мм) 50 Type 22
Д х Ш х В (см) 58 x 60.5 x 97
Вес (кг) 27.2