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Промышленные пылесосыNilfisk IVB 961

Промышленный пылесос
Nilfisk IVB 961

  • Two motor industrial performance
  • Washable PET Fleece, big surface filter for high efficiency and low maintenance costs
  • Push & Clean filter cleaning system for high efficiency
  • Stainless steel tiltable and removable 70 L container for easy handling and disposal
  • Complete package with 38 mm accessories with stainless steel tubes and 400 mm wet&dry floor nozzle
  • 10 meter cable for a large working radius
  • Applicable for wet & dry pick up by reliable floating system
  • Robust fleece filter bag standard
  • ss PET Fleece filter element - Easy and economical maintenance.

Whether it’s a factory floor or warehouse loading dock, when spills happen they need to be cleaned quickly and effectively.

Apart from the mess, unattended spills can create a hazard that can prove both dangerous and costly.

Similarly, for daily maintenance cleaning the vacuum must be one that you can rely on. The essential requirement is a unit that will go on cleaning powerfully and quickly, day-in and day-out. The IVB 961-01 is more than up to the task, for both spills and maintenance cleaning – even in the toughest conditions. Thanks to the 38 mm standard equipment the IVB 961-01 is a "Plug & Play" ready to use machine.

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Бренд Nilfisk

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Характеристики IVB 961
Номинальная мощность (Вт) 2x1200
Поток воздуха (л/с) 120
Объем бака (л) 70
Напряжение (В) 220-240
Максимальный вакуум (кПа – мбар) 23
Уровень шума на растоянии 1,5м (дБ(А)) ISO 3744 67
Тип основного фильтра PET
Площадь главного фильтра (см²) 7800
Класс пыли L
Входное отверстие (мм) 50 MultiFit
Д х Ш х В (см) 58 x 60 x 97
Вес (кг) 30